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Purpose: Exorcise the paradoxes possessing society; engage the mission of an education practice documenting and treating the material and spiritual human condition. With the spirit of inquiry, diagnose social conditions, treat societal trauma, provide a prognosis for progress, and report findings.

Functions: Perform diagnostic assessments of community needs, deliver treatment applications, recommend prescriptions, and provide a prognosis for sustainable progress delivered through educational settings. *

Serve as an originator of critical social science publications archived in the social psychology collections at the Bodleian Social Science Library of the University of Oxford, and the University of Cambridge Library.

Philosophy: The logic of secular modernity, and errors by postmodern deconstructions of those rationales, secularists denying truths of the spiritual, and postmodernists inverting facts into falsehoods, and falsehoods into truth mocking that essence, have awakened a post-secular age where scientific and metaphysical beliefs are of equal [educational] importance for human development.

Focus: Future of civiliation, minds fertilized in the wild or cultivated in an enclosed garden? Open society needs controls but a closed authoritarian one needs freedoms. If an inviolable natural order governs human affairs, then variety in need of education blossoms in the field. If a capricious authority farms order behind a garden wall, then among the unquestioning and fearful, are wild flowers to weed-out.

* Education Projects: China: adviser and educator to county public school system (2013-2020). Cambodia: observer of education development (2015-2020).






Hubert Kleinpeter, holds degrees in Government (BA), the Social Sciences (MS), and Foundations of Education (PhD) with a Certificate in Education Policy from Florida State University accompanied by Model Teacher Credentials from the Bureau of Public Education with Foreign Expert Certification from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China.

He served as the senior liaison to the Office of Florida Governor for the University Of Miami, Sylvester Cancer Institute; taught sociology and research methods at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and the social sciences of education at Florida State University; and is an adviser-at-large on education projects in Asia.

He is a contributing author of critical social philosophy archived in the Social Psychology Collections at the University of Oxford, Bodleian Social Science Library, and the University of Cambridge Library; he is proficient in English, Spanish and Mandarin education settings.

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