Profile: A Social Science practice teaching and publishing studies documenting the human condition in different societal contexts.

Mission: Advocate the use of ethical, Open-Source Knowledge opening the Floodgates of Truth as foundational for peace.

Philosophy: All the Knowledge of Humanity in the keeping of the Gods is mastered through the School of Life. More on Knowledge.

Projects: Institutional consultancies; clinical teaching; funded field research; and publishing Social Studies.

Pedagogy: Conjoined Sino-American, Eastern and Western traditions cultivating curiosity and idealism tempered by realism set to a purpose.

Publisher: Open-Source Social Studies produced for archival at the University of Oxford, and Cambridge libraries.


For the ascension of a peaceful society, an education in ethics precedes action. Focused on social stability through equitable progress, the Mantis Institute, centered at the crossroads of beliefs and educational institutions, is a bridge spanning cultural divides on how to navigate the currents of change.

By supporting initiatives for equitable progress, schools provide locations to improve the human condition. Education founded on teaching the primacy of ethical reasoning, and literacy based on the idealism of Open-Source Knowledge, and tempered by the realism of governance, holds great promise for posterity.

A social science of education practice guided by Hubert Kleinpeter, PHD, shepherding projects that expand human resources through ethical, actionable relationships, policies and practices.

A recognized Social Science source, Mantis Institute Publications are archived at the University of Oxford Bodleian Social Science Library, and the University of Cambridge Library. Read more about educator and author Hubert Kleinpeter .........


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