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Purpose: founded in 2007 as a social research consortium of educators, philosophers, and artists publishing literature based on social science methodologies and metaphysical beliefs; possessed of the spirit of inquiry, examining conflict, provides uncensored examinations exorcising the paradoxes of the material and spiritual human condition.

Rationales: the logic of secular modernity, and errors by postmodern deconstructions of those rationales, secularists denying the truths of the spiritual, and postmodernists inverting facts into falsehoods, and falsehoods into truth mocking that essence, have awakened a post-secular age where scientific and metaphysical beliefs are of equal importance for human evolution.

Focus: the clash over the structure of future civilization: the biological and psychic evolution of humanity through the inviolable natural order of human rights practiced in the open public square, or the devolution of human capabilities by the artificiality of totalitarian authoritarianism cultivating the unquestioning mind isolated behind the garden wall.






Hubert Kleinpeter, holds degrees in Government (BA), the Social Sciences (MS), and Foundations of Education (PhD) with a Certificate in Education Policy from Florida State University; Model Teacher Credentials from the Bureau of Public Education with Foreign Expert Certification from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, China.

He served as a senior liaison to the Office of Florida Governor for the University Of Miami, Sylvester Cancer Institute; taught sociology and research methods at Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, and the social sciences of education at Florida State University; currently he is an education adviser based in Asia.

He is a contributing author of the social sciences archived in the Social Psychology Collections at the University of Oxford, Bodleian Social Science Library, and the University of Cambridge Library; he is proficient in English, Spanish and Mandarin education settings.

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