Born: Hubert Kleinpeter, Miami, Florida
Education: Secular & Episcopal (forms 3-6)
Alma mater: Florida State University
Occupations: Teacher, Author and Boatwright
Notable Works: Twisted Society Engineered Chaos (2010) & The Taboo Dictionary Forbidden Ground A to Z (2016)
Subject: Social Psychology Studies on Civilizations
Period: Early 21st Century

Hubert Kleinpeter, PhD, is a teacher and author of social studies. He operates in countries on projects related to human development, and has published several books on civilization, the human condition, ethical reasoning, and open-source knowledge. He is an advocate for teaching ethical governance and practices and encouraging the production of open-source knowledge as foundational to peaceful human progress.

Education: Hubert Kleinpeter holds degrees in Government (BA) and Social Science (MS), College of Social Sciences and Public Policy, Florida State University; and Foundations of Education (PhD), College of Education, Florida State University.

State Education: Liaison Officer and Senior Research Associate appointed to the Executive Office of the Florida Governor representing the Sylvester Cancer Institute, Miller School of Medicine, University of Miami; undergraduate Instructor of Sociology and Social Science Research Methods, College of Arts and Sciences, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University; graduate Instructor of Social Science of Education, College of Education, Florida State University.

Education Practice: Mantis Institute, an education practice engaged in school consultancies; clinical teaching; funded field research; and open-source publishing. Member of the Comparative International Education Society and the American Educational Studies Association; and author of Social Studies archived at the University of Oxford Bodleian Library, and the University of Cambridge Library.

Asia Operations: Expert credentials and Model Teacher awards issued by the Ministry of Education, Xinzhou, Shanxi, China. Appointed at the rank of expert in the public school system; assigned to Fanting High School (山西范亭中学) as the mother school (母校). Trained in Sino-pedagogies, Han culture, language, and calligraphy (书法). Duties: teacher, mentor, faculty advisor and creator of Sino-American pedagogies.

Proficient in English, Spanish and Mandarin school settings. Experience: USA, university instructor; China, public-school teacher; Southeast Asia, multilateral observer of primary school development; Mexico, Consultant referring volunteer teachers to NGOs assisting abandoned and runaway youth.

Personal: From Key Biscayne, Miami Florida; attended public, private-secular, and Episcopal schools. Set aside high school and apprenticed in the automotive and boat building industries while earning a General Education Degree (GED), followed by Miami-Dade Community College (AA), and Florida State University (BA).

Worked as a boatwright supervising repairs and marine salvage. Returned to Florida State University, earned two graduate degrees and began a career in higher education, followed by private practice, while continuing to be a key principal in a commercial boatyard operation.

Versed in “the working of hand and mind together,” he is an advocate of raising competency of applied knowledge through labor associations, masters of a trade; a means to self-sustenance through mastery of basic literacy applied in the practice of a skilled profession.


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