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  • Volume I: Baseline Diagnosis, a sociological focus on the forms and functions of the institutional building blocks of society: family, religion, political-economy, and the state.

    Observations: the corrosive effects of technocratic, omnipotent law upon liberty; alienation with monolithic technocracy; the contested domain of family forms, their functions of reproduction and socialization around adaptive revisions to personal identity while reaffirming a national identity intolerant of transgressions to its ideological doctrines.

    Prognosis: the "winds of change," driven by technology and politics, challenge the legitimacy, jurisdiction and relevance of institutions treading in the quicksand of extinction.

    Volume II: Longitudinal Diagnosis, a compendium of observations on society, and the vagaries of human nature, compiled by dictionary methodology.

    Observations: states manufacture consensus by indoctrinating the citizenry with information designed to "elicit" cognitive responses in thoughts, emotions and behaviors; the autonomy of the nuclear family, is neutered by indoctrination to the parental state; and religion as a corporation in service to the state, is a thing in need of absolution.

    Prognosis: the political-economic league of state and corporate structures, have not addressed the moral crisis of human development and rights, nor the certainty of a punctuated crisis threatening humanity.

    The author, possessed of the spirit of rational inquiry, examines the paradoxes of the human experience with scientific methodologies and metaphysical beliefs exorcising the complexities of the human condition.

    Dr. Hubert Kleinpeter, educator, writer, and practicioner of the marine vocational arts, holds degrees in Government (BA), the Social Sciences (MS), and Foundations of Education (PhD) with a Certificate in Education Policy from Florida State University. He holds Honorary Model Teacher Credentials issued by the Bureau of Public Education with Foreign Expert Certification from the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, the People's Republic of China.

    He served as senior researcher and liaison to the Florida Governor's Office for the University Of Miami, Miller School Of Medicine, Sylvester Cancer Institute; authored the first doctorate dissertation on street children; and taught sociology and research methods at Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University, and the social sciences of education at Florida State University. Currently, he is an advisor to the Bureau of Public Education, Shanxi, China. He is proficient in English, Spanish, and Mandarin language education settings.

    In private life, he is a shipwright performing vessel restoration projects; and as a philosopher, an author whose publications are archived in the Social Psychology Collections at the University of Oxford, Bodleian Social Science Library, and the Cambridge University Library.



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