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Lobotomy, noun & verb:
1. Surgery: an ancient surgical procedure of scrambling the frontal lobe of the brain; miracle workers, medicine men, surgeons cutting into the skull exorcising a “spirit," or removing the root of psychosis. Biological psychology is our nature; survival driving our moods, but godlike awareness of mortality is psychical. So, we treat organic psychosis, but pray, use magic for intervention from angels to exorcise demons that attack the spirit of happiness.

2. Socialization: "brainwashing" the programmable brain to lobotomize the intuition of the mind. Psychiatric studies on "near death experiences" and reincarnation reveal the difference between the programmable brain, and the independent intuition of consciousness of mind outside the body (see Reincarnation).

[(Behaviors = Information + Thoughts + Emotions) = Constructed Mind] is the program formula for the socialization of the collective mind. The BITE of inculcating the mind does unleash the spirit of dehumanization. Upon an infant's blank slate others write disturbances upon. The suppression of the mind to train an obedient brain by controlling information; now spread through thinking machines made in the likeness of a manipulative mindset. Building upon decades of indoctrination, dogma, fear, shame and envy as conventions of normalcy, what is considered normal, today conscious robots posing as humans on the internet, suppress the questioning of authority by using negative reinforcement techniques, "trolling" dissenters with ridicule and shame to repress awareness of the collective of intuition (see BITE).

Most are not strong enough to defy learned conventions nor oppose its arbiters using ridicule, shame and fear of threats against one's intuition. This chalice of addicting distilled nectar, the normalcy of lies, constructs a paranoiac belief system of dogmas that permits elites to rationalize homicide, genocide, infanticide, and suicide as acceptable collateral damage to maintain domestic powers while expanding global empire. Informed by intuition, the conscientious question the basis of this reality, but the trained, obedient cheer it on.

Social Schizophrenia arises in the collective "brain" by inculcating arbitrary beliefs that are contrary to our intuitive humane nature. With the suppression of the mind by programming the brain, dehumanization of the soul, possessed by psychopathic spirits, normal people commit abnormalities caused by the collective mind at war with itself. An ill society of unleashed monsters of the subconscious mind - a self-loathing, alienated spirit aware of the powerlessness of mortality driving masochistic and sadistic impulses to invite pain or to inflict it.

NAZI, acronym:
1. National Socialist Party of Germany: The precursors of this governance model were pioneered in 19th Century America. Hitler drew from American history the management of slaves and aboriginals as property; segregation laws and concentration camps modeled on the indian reservation. Though the machinery of the Nazi slave state was crushed, its intention of dominance has not: Germanic ideas and practices of obedience found sympathy and renewed purpose in the new empire. Its seeded spirit lives in the new machinery of the war state, in a new generation of authoritarians controlling the American empire.

Banks rule, governments are its agents. Swiss banks assisted in offshoring Nazi assets out of Germany during and after the war; an intiative by SS and Gestapo head Himmler on behalf of German industry. Allen Dulles, OSS Station Chief in Switzerland, moved assets there, and personnel out through the Die Spinne (Spider), a post-war Nazi intelligence network in league with German Catholic and Roman Vatican clergies. Himmler, negotiated with British intelligence in Sweden and the Americans in Switzerland to assasinate and supplant Hitler; to treat with the British and Americans, and continue fighting the Soviets. His usefulness expired, the British killed, or dissapeared him to bury this truth, yet German security and technology assets were the prize. The diaspora of Roman rule and Germanic obedience practices found silos in America via Operation Paperclip that imported Gestapo intelligence assets into the CIA and scientists and technology into military programs.

Prior to 1941, America was a modeled Roman Republic, the fulcrum between aristocratic and democratic forces; the balance between oligarchic tyranny and democratic anarchy. But after the war, the Republic was usurped by the new industrialized military complex. The OSS became the CIA, its defender, and Dulles its Director. Control of the fulcrum was overtaken by CIA acolytes suspected of murdering President Kennedy who was exorcising the "brain-trust" metastasized within the agency (see Kennedy, John F.). Citizen oversight was neutered by commandeering rulemaking with installed politicians and technocrats engineering elections that blessed the marriage of state with financial monopolies that cemented the powers behind the throne.

Labeled "the Deep State," it maintains its guardian powers through surveillances to rule opposition and control of information. CIA Operation Mockingbird, subverted the centralized media through placement of personnel. However, with the growth of decentralized media it employs technologies of thinking machines and conscious robots in the likeness of sociopaths designed to shape the collective mind of the internet by controlling conventions of normalcy.

UFO, acronym:
Unidentified Flying Object: In recorded history, the ancient ones drew pictures of flying objects they described as “chariots of fire.” They knew these objects were not terrestrial but celestial.

Interventions like genetic engineering, gifting knowledge, and civilized behaviors are found in the stories of gods like Prometheus, a chemistry teacher gifting knowledge of fire; or teachings by prophets sent to civilize humanity (see Prometheus & Prophet).

Science insist that UFOs do not exist, but are creations of the imagination. This denial precludes the possibility that intelligent life only exists on Earth; it is reminiscent of the Middle Ages when we believed the Sun orbited the Earth and we were the center of the Universe. But now we know better, and renaming UFO to UAP is merely a word game.

Despite anecdotal evidence straining a doubter’s credulity, denial by government cloakes research and development from retrieved UFOs. These scientists know UFOs in the sky and oceans are piloted by reptilian and insectoid extraterrestrials. It is the level of involvement by aliens in engineering the human genome pool and the rise of civilizations that is the issue (see Alien & Extraterrestrial).

Vessel, noun:
1. A boat to escape yielding to the regulated tortures of the land (see Yield). A boat is a she; like a woman, she will take you anywhere if you care for her (see Boat). Many seeking safe harbor from the wrath of the gods end-up moored at a marina bar (see Marina). Yet to live under the gods rather than man, there are no navigation barriers, but first master small sailboats and yachts (see Yacht).

2. A vessel is a chalice, a cup which carries water to parched places. The Holy Grail of Life Chalice brought down from Heaven by neutral angels to quench the thirst of two warring parties of angels; one autocratic, the other democratic, mediated by friends of both; all forces of the spiritual and natural order governing the terms of life.

3. A women’s vagina is the vessel of life; a womb that is the safe space for creation in contrast to the silence of a tomb.

4. Ships of state need a harbor during storms. But US ships, like pirates at sea making war, are phantom ships that never make it to port, but doomed to sail the oceans of uncertainty captained by fat admirals flogging the galley of indentured slaves labeled volunteers (see Pirate).

Wizard, noun:
Wizards and warlocks were beings that resembled humans but possessed qualities of heightened physical, mental and paranormal powers. Magicians of the divinatory arts of the paranormal in pre-Christian England; a time when druid priests counseled kings. Wizards serving good kings battled warlocks serving bad kings enslaving with feudalism (see Warlock).

Like antiquity, society is plagued by imposed leaders usurping democracy by commandeering resources for war profiteering fiefdoms. Ancient tales speak of cultures, cults based on justice and truth; knights of steel that pray and kneel; or Merlin assisting the heroic King Arthur battling evil pilfering villages (see Arthur, King). But society does birth the resurrection of heroic past spirits that dueled this age-old evil; the mentalist with psychic powers, the realist with a sword, and the young, idealist protégé learning their ways (see Hero). Unlike contempory leaders, wizards and kings were leaders of the cult of justice and truth, they suffered and triumphed over the trials and tribulations like all.

Caution with modern experts acting like gods, they are cultists of the strong state and military spirit; modern warlocks, be they lawyer politicians making promises; technocrats claiming expertise with accounting machines treating humanity like lifeless things on a spreadsheet; or scientists concocting viruses, chemicals and pharmaceuticals for use in profit, or worse, eugenic schemes. Autocratic technocratic tools of control are a "bag of tricks" engineering chaos to impose solutions designed not to cure, but grow established powers through public administrative monopolies in service to large-scale private monopolies.

Zoo, noun:
A zoo is a prison for innocent animals; a world hostile to virtue. Most infants are born "good eggs" while just a few are "bad eggs." Sociopaths are "good eggs" turned bad. It starts when a mother puts a baby in a playpen and calls it safe; our first "pen" where infants find little space for play. Being inquisitive, instincts compel them to escape to explore the allure of life outside the "pen." Yet most "good eggs" obey mother, but a few manipulate her to unwittingly unleashing destructive desires.

Likewise, innocent people are incarcerated among sociopaths and psychopaths in the largest system of panopticons in the world. The odds of being institutionalized in America are greater than China (see Panopticon). Plea bargaining, yielded by jurists, enforces the “law of the jungle” of the powerful over sociopaths they created to plead guilty to acts reclassified as crimes (see Courts). Surveillances are designed to support police, courts and prisons by ensnaring and extorting money and personal liberty (see Prison Industrial Complex).

Yet criminal violence is excusable if its done in support of a political ideology in power. Russell Means (deceased), a Sioux warrior, spoke of the “white man” placed on the reservations built by oligarchs that destroyed constitutional protections, so reactions by "white people" of lower classes are not considered political. (see Means, Russell Charles). Prisons surrounded by razor wire dominate landscapes; cages filled with ordinary people caught in crimes that at one time were not regarded as so (see Cage). An industry wherein privatized prisons are guaranteed a stream of shackled stock from a corrupt criminal justice system regulated and protected by the court system (see Court).

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